Meet the team

Martijn Timmermans


Martijn’s brains run fast! He is a philosopher, a concepter, a strategic wonder who believes that everything is possible. As a child actor he experienced the immense power of storytelling on stage. At Disneyland Paris Martijn joined the opening crew to witness the backstage secrets of brand storytelling and customer experience. He continued to master storytelling as a tool for communication working for Marriott and Singapore Airlines.
He believes that everyone has a compelling story that inspires others, unleashes tremendous creativity and creates lasting connections. For that reason he started (15 years ago) to design and facilitate storytelling workshops and events.

Martijn is frequently asked to about the power of using storytelling at live events and has been branded as "Living legend in storytelling".

In his spare time he is a proud family man, together with his wife, two sons and daughter they spend most holidays travelling Europe in their classic camper van.

Rene Blom


Rene is our production tiger! He is the one who makes sure that all the ideas we come up with are conducted to the very last detail. Rene has extensive experience in the event industry and is exceptional in connecting people. Outside of work Rene doubles as a cyclist. He loves to spend his time on a speed bike and even enters competitive races like the classic Paris-Roubaix!

When he’s not on a bike he’ll always be up for an inspiring conversation while sipping a glass of wine.Rene’s biggest dream is to one day travel around the world with his wife and three sons.

Tim Corporaal

Conceptual & Marketing Manager

Tim is the next generation of event professionals. His sharp questions make you see beyond barriers. He connects the dots and creates opportunities. The Red Line founders spotted Tim’s creative and marketing talents whilst still a student at University, where he graduated with a thesis on visual storytelling at events. The legend goes he once belonged to a European top 25 team of gamers and indeed he knows a lot about storytelling and gamification. After his unplugged trip to Asia his mission became to create a symbiosis between online and offline event experiences. All while integrating meaningfullness and storytelling into events.

In his spare time Tim likes to be inspired by the world. He actively seeks this inspiration through traveling, watching documentaries and meaningfull conversation. The rest of his time he spends creatively behind a computer, gaming or medetating. Have a look at his latest creative creation: A travel video showing his journey through Asia!

Vast network

Alongside our permanent team we use a vast network of freelancers to support us. This network contains of poets, illustrators, interaction specialists, conceptual thinkers, actors, photographers and many more.. The network enables us to make anything possible and truly tailor your event to your needs.